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BC Resources

This page contains a list of all the services, funding organizations, government programs, Facebook groups and other helpful information for special needs families living in British Columbia.

This is not an exhaustive list, but just what I’ve come across in my years of navigating this very confusing and disjointed system. I hope it helps you!

Funding Opportunities

Janna Epp Bursary (CP only)

Shriners BC-Yukon (equipment funding + also hospital/treatment services)


CKNW Kids Fund

Government Programs

At Home Program (I recommend trying to get someone from Children’s Hospital – clinic you see there, a nurse/doctor, social worker etc – to help you apply as it’s a giant pain in the ass)

At Home Program Respite Benefits

Facebook Groups

BC Special Needs Equipment Swap and Shop

Canadian Tubie Parents (national)

G-Tube Babies (mostly US but lots of helpful info, all tubes)

Blenderized RN (blended diet recipes/help)

Blended Diet/Feeding Therapy

Natural Tube Feeding (Vancouver area dietician + great recipe book for sale)

Growing Independent Eaters (virtual)

Crunchy Tubie Mama (info + coaching/meal plans)

Blenderized RN YouTube (also super helpful Facebook group listed above)

The Squirrel Store (their 60ml cath tip syringes are the best!)